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Caddy TSGB16 Telescoping Screw Gun Bracket from Erico

  • Adjustable for non-standard stud spacing

  • Interlocking tab prevents accidental disassembly.

  • Unique, one-piece, break apart design

  • Can mount multiple 1 1/2" or 2 1/8" deep boxes. Notched and marked for easy identification and bending

  • Improved design with stamped inch markings and pilot holes accelerates precise box and conduit mounting between studs

  • Pilot holes allow easy box attachment with a screwdriver

  • Can be mounted on face or inside of stud

  • Reduces movement of the box when used with flexible conduit, ENT, MC, AC or ROMEX


Unbelievable Deal!
While They Last!
Caddy TSGB16

$1.95 each

(Packaged 50 per box)

Caddy Fastener logo.  Caddy TSGB16 Telescoping Screw Gun Bracket from Erico
Screw Gun Bracket
For 11" to 18" Stud Spacing
Caddy TSGB16 Telescoping Screw Gun Bracket from Erico being installed
Caddy TSGB16 Telescoping Screw Gun Bracket from Erico.  Easy to install
Caddy TSGB16 Telescoping Screw Gun Bracket from Erico in use


Our price on Caddy TSGB16 fasteners is valid only while overstock quantities last.  Once stock level returns to normal price is subject to change.  Buy soon to avoid disappointment.




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