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Tubular Anchors
Typically used in plain walls, such as concrete.  Made out of PVC.  Easy to install, and used in a variety of applications such as mounting fixtures on concrete walls.  Can also be used in drywall.  
Simply drill hole using a masonry bit and hammer in the anchor.  The anchor twists and distorts, locking it in place.   
Summit Contractor Supply sells these in bulk packs - the most economical way to buy!

Tubular Plastic Anchors

Item # Drill Anchor Length Screw Required Color Pull-Out
TKK308 1/4"  1 1/2" 10-12 Green 400#
Test in Concrete 4,000 PSI
Screws used for testing were 1/2" longer than anchors because of testing conditions. Suggested safe working load is one fourth (1/4) the average maximum proof-test load.  Tests were performed in-house by the manufacturer.

TKK308 (blue)
(bag of 1000)


Currently out of stock.  Replenishment time unavailable.

(Kit contains: 100 TKK308 Anchors, 100 screws, 1 drill bit, 1 storage box)


Currently out of stock.  Replenishment time unavailable.










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